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5 star!

Awesome app! I get a lot of nudes and I make a lot of friends! So horny!

Awesome app

This app is really cool and it haloes people meet others to

Its terrible

I cannot believe how low people have become. I sat on this ridiculous app for no longer than five minutes and I was bored beyond reason. The main reason I was bored; no one was doing anything even mildly interesting. Everyone is just staring at their phone asking for virtual items that dont mean anything. No talents, no debates. Just people being bored. Its pathetic.

Love it

Its easy to use and amazing confidence booster


Fantastic from what Ive experienced so far

Bad app

This app should be taken out of the App Store. There are to many perverts on here . Children that are under the age of 18. Some people drink and smoke in their broadcast. This app changes people (brainwash).

App review

Good app super fun love it highly recommended to anyone that be bored is very distracting.

From jadaisslayy

This is so cool

Remove bots

Remove bots


the best app in the world and I really really enjoy being on it.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️




Like the app could be better on broadcasts sometime drops but other than that very good app

No Protection

I gave this one star because of all the racist homophobic broadcasters that are using this platform to spread hate. Also if you block any stalkers you may have they can still view your account they just cant talk to you. Its just no fun. No cool people use this app anymore only people begging for followers and trying to level up. A year ago this app was cool. Not its full of hate and coin thots. Smh

Just to point out

I havent tried the app yet, but I was looking through the reviews, and the only one star ones I saw were because of idiots on there and glitches. Im not saying anything against it, just thought it was kinda funny.

Sexism and stupidity

They ban people for the wrong reasons. If your a female and you decide to show your body; its okay but not a male. It says no illegal substance on your broadcasts. Yet people are always rolling and smoking weed! This is app is ridiculous. Not only do they allow kids on here when there is clearly a majority of adults; but they allow the kids to go in grown peoples broadcast. To me this app is sexist and poorly run.

Awesome app

I have met so many friends on here. I love this app? but hate the bots



Great app

Thank you


I love this app though I dont like how feeds lag

This app is awesome

I wish that was free

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